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your thirst for insights

From 0 to Data, in a few seconds,
over available computers.

  • No cloud, No engineering. No complicated tech or management.

  • Just run Qwench on any available machines, including your laptops
    & use the combined power to clean, analyse and draw insights from your data - big or small.

Setup on-demand,
Scale in a jiffy !

Qwench is your own personal datalab-in-a-box that handles data from online APIs & local files alike, and runs on commonly available hardware, like your laptops. Start using it immediately, by "hosting" it on any available machine.

To scale up, simply "join" more available machines on-the-fly, whenever needed. Qwench links them up into a cluster that has the combined power of all the connected machines, and automatically re-distributes your project's data & processing across it.

Work solo, Or jam with multiple teams.

With Qwench, you can cluster available machines for solo data projects... or be a part of teams that setup powerful, on-the-spot datalabs for business, research, education or just fun hackathons - where ever they are, as soon as they need it - without requiring any prior expertise or engineering.

Qwench helps you manage all your different projects without conflict, by allowing each to be isolated inside it's own 'workspace'.

Query like a boss

Qwench provides powerful javascript data science notebooks that can be collaboratively edited by all the participants in a workspace, and executes it in parallel, across all connnected machines.

With over 100+ distributed querying commands & full support for Aggregation, Map/Reduce, Filters, Joins, Transforms and a built-in NoSQL storage - The high level Q API allows you and your team, to collaboratively clean, combine, and analyse datasets from multiple sources, online or local, to generate deep insights and build reports, dashboards in real-time.

Pull & combine data from multiple sources, including social media

Qwench is built with web-compatible technologies and can be configured to read from most online APIs and websites, in addition to popular databases, file formats and social media. This also makes Qwench future-proof and adaptable to emerging media.

Visualise with 30+ charts & beautiful interactive diagrams

Qwench integrates charts from, timelines from Timeline.js and interactive visualisation capabilities of D3.js, & provides pre-configured commands for the most common ones, so you can get started immediately.

Dig deeper with higher analytics & Machine learning

While querying functions are great for quickly extracting, cleaning and exploring raw data, drawing meaningful insights often require much higher levels of abstraction. Qwench provides an ever increasing library of these functions, out of the box.

  • General statistical functions, to understand data
  • Domain specific analysis functions for marketing, finance, events, media processing etc
  • Machine learning and Neural networks

Rise up in the community

Qwench also integrates community features that will help you to voice your opinions and feedback, get noticed amongst your peers and bag opportunities to get rewarded.

  • Community forums - Bugs / Feedback
  • Feature requests
  • Jobs and opportunities
  • Leaderboards and hackathons

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