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Custom BigData,
ML, Blockchain & Distributed tech

in your Javascript app !

Custom BigData,
ML, Blockchain & Distributed tech

in your Javascript app !


A dataflow framework in Javascript
for building & deploying custom distributed computing apps & libraries

Why St8Flo ?

St8Flo is the only app developer platform that allows you to build & integrate custom Blockchains, ML, Big Dataflow & Standard web tech into a single DApp (distributed app),

backed by the full power of Javascript and its 6.5 Million libraries !

Why Javascript ?

Popular, super versatile
& undisputed lanugauge of the web
with options for high performance computing

  • its flexible enough to build websites, servers and browser / mobile apps
  • allows linking C++ native addons and using GPU, for high performance computing
  • lowers dev team costs, since 71% of the world's developers use Javascript, making them abundant
  • has a huge ecosystem, 3x larger than the nearest next
  • continues to grow fast with a really bright future, & we're not the only ones saying so

The Largest (6.5 Million) ecosystem
of open source libraries

Add to your DApp, anything from Web scraping, Social media APIs & Data visulization, to advanced statistical, ML and neural network algorithms.
For Eg:

Example usecases

(Distributed CMS)

Blockchain based tamper proof & auditable, multi-stakeholder document or content management system

(Distributed querying)

Easy to setup, big-data querying system, that lets you focus on data analysis, instead of infrastructure

(Distributed Auth)

Suburb allows you to enable p2p auth & identity management for your app, without needing a centralised Auth server !

Big data pipelines, warehousing ETL & APIs

Source data from the web / files / databases, pipe it through various transformations, store it in a distributed manner (ETL) and expose results as an API

Distributed databases

Automatically transform files and datasets that are too large to handle normally, into a fast distributed index that can be queried and exposed as REST APIs

Distributed Excel / Spreadsheets

Manage large computations on excel, by passing the bulk of the work to St8Flo clusters and exposing the results for further manipulation on Excel

Business process workflows

Automate co-ordination between departments by automatically routing data and files, from one team to the next, as tasks are completed

Business analytic apps

Complete number crunching solutions that can process raw data into different charts and graphical insights, for various stakeholders

Distributed Archiving Automations

Automate the transfer and archive of old mails, important documents, case files etc into multiple computers that act as redundant storage boxes.

Distributed Web crawlers / scrapers

Speed up your web data mining processes by running them in parallel across all your machines

Machine learning apps

Pipe tensor / matrix computations across machines and have them run parallely. Add in GPU support where needed.

Serverless / Microservice backends

Map flows to each microservice and configure the routing. Cluster8 will automatically handle the loadbalancing

Reactive IoT apps

Make your device behave like a reactive swarm by simply defining what it needs to do. St8Flo will automatically handle the control logic

Blockchain frameworks

Leverage p2p connectivity & web cryptography to build frameworks without worrying about connectivity, syncronization or data transfer.

Distributed Crypto mining

Use JS Crypto libraries to design your own miners and run it in parallel acrosss machines

Clustered mobile apps

Build a cluster out of your mobile hybrid-app users. Distribute your servers workload across users

Ad-hoc Student / Community Data labs

Any group of people such as Students, can simply connect their laptops to a common network - and instantly create a cluster for computing and experiments

Compute, Storage volunteering

Accumulate power and storage on a massive scale through resources voluteered by fans and community

Releasing publicly soon!

St8Flo is nearing a completed API and will see its first release in the next few months. Please have a look at the usecases and related articles meanwhile!

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