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Decentralised authentication for javascript apps

that gets stronger, as your userbase grows !


No auth servers. No headaches. Auto scaling.


  1. An auth service without setup or server management & an extremely simple API - Register() & Login()

  2. Optional RPC API, that can be used to communicate between users

  3. Fault tolerant, highly available, auto-scaling backend that only gets stronger as your active users / traffic grows.

  4. No centralised point for hackers to target
  • A library will be provided as an npm package, or browser include.

  • After installing it in your app & configuring the basics, your apps will form a p2p network

  • Instead of the usual server, this p2p network will work as your backend and offer an Auth & RPC API

  • For the end-user of your app, nothing changes. He still adds his username & password and is logged in as usual.

  • Once authenticated, your new app client becomes an authenticated member of the p2p network, and adds to it's capacity of authenticating more clients.

coming soon